Telegram bot for AWS instances monitoring

  1. Integration with AWS
  2. Monitoring charts in chats
  3. Notification settings
  4. Reasonable security measures
  5. Start with the most useful cases (e.g. hibernate if something’s terribly off)

Integration with AWS

Charts with anomaly events

Notification settings

Security issues

  • What if someone gets a telegram token and access to the AWS management console through it?
  • What if someone stole a Telegram account from an engineer and somehow got AWS credentials through it?
  • What if our engineer makes critical changes from the Telegram bot (clients want hibernating instances straight from the bot)?
  • Account admin approves every Telegram user authentication
  • All users must have two-factor authentication for a telegram account
  • Only hibernating command available right from the Telegram bot. And it works only for instances in idle state (when the corresponding notification appears)
  • No SSH credentials in Telegram bot. Only link to AWS console with relevant parameters

Useful cases



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